Anisa's has a diverse range of pendants. Whether you're going to work, a dinner party, or getting coffee, choosing the right pendant matters. Our collection offers something for everyone, from classic to trendy pendants.

Pendant Design

Design is the heart of each pendant at Anisa. Instead of just making a fashion piece, our designers pour their creativity into each design. Our goal isn't just to follow trends, but to set them. We offer an array of designs, from abstract shapes to meaningful symbols.

Pendants for Women

Anisa understands that women have various roles today. You could be a leader at work during the day and a fun friend at night. Their pendant collection for women lets you pick pieces for different moods and occasions. They can make your work outfit look classy or give a bold style to your casual clothes.

Pendant for Girls

In our collections, we give girls a special focus. We understand that girls seek jewellery that is enjoyable, playful, and safe. Whether it's charming designs or vibrant colours, our pendants for girls are crafted to be both fashionable and fun.

Pendant Necklace

If you're in a rush or don't feel like matching things, our pendant necklaces are just right. They already come with a chain that goes well with the pendant, so you don't have to think too much about your style. Our pendant necklaces are a quick choice, but they still look good and are made well.


We take pride in the wide range of pendants we offer. Whether you're searching for something in gold, silver, or vibrant colours, you'll find it all at Anisa. We don't just have different materials; we also have lots of different styles that can make anyone's clothes look even better.

Cute Pendant

Adorable pendants make people happy, no matter how old they are. Kids, teenagers, and even grown-ups can all like a cute butterfly or a little star. Our collection of cute pendants is meant to make you smile and bring some joy to your day.

Pearl Pendant Necklace

When you want to look more stylish and classy for special times, our pearl pendant necklaces are just right. Pearls are shiny and look beautiful, and when they're in a nice design, they can make you look even fancier.

Pendant Design for Girls

When we make designs for lovely people like 'Pendant Design for Girls', we like to make it fun and colourful. We use different shapes, and sometimes we add a little bit of shine. And, our pendants come in the same size as the ones for adults.

Small Pendant Necklace

Some people find beauty in simplicity. For them, we offer small pendant necklaces that give a soft jewellery joy without being too much. Don’t undervalue these small pieces, they give that minimal look charm.

Unique Pendant Design

If you're someone who likes to be different and unique, our special pendants are just right for you. They don't follow the usual style and are something very distinct in which you'll definitely get noticed.

Artificial Pendant

If you like to have a range of options without expending too much, our premium-quality artificial pendants are perfect for you. Affordable doesn't mean you compromise on style. These pieces offer the look and feel of luxury without the big price tag.


Products List
Butterfly Pendant with White Pearl on Unique Silver Chain
Intersecting Circles Pendant With White Gems With Chain
Royal Blue Dual-Gem Drop Pendant With Chain
Ruby-Like Gemstone Pendant With Golden Bow
Flying Butterfly Pendant With White Pearl
Pendant With White Gem & A Triangle
Circular Crown Pendant With Glam Gem
Golden Maple Leaf Pendant With Pearl
Lovely Flower Of Hearts Golden Necklace
Green Gemstone Golden Leaves Necklace
Hamsa Pendant With White Heart Gem
Sleek Silver Triangle Pendant Necklace
Golden Evil Eye Pendant Necklace
Heart-Shaped Pendant With Golden Chain
Glass Stone Pendant With Golden Chain

Pendant for Girlfriend

When you're searching for the perfect gift, pendants are a great choice. They offer an emotional touch, and it's a gift that can be worn and loved daily. We have designs that range from romantic to modern, so you can find something that perfectly suits her personality.

Long Pendant Necklace

For a more bohemian or laid-back vibe, our long pendant necklaces are a perfect fit. The long chain allows the pendant to rest lower, creating a more relaxed look. This style offers a different way to wear and layer pendants, providing more options to express your unique style.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Anisa, we offer a wide range of pendants to suit all tastes. From traditional to modern, cute to luxury, our collection covers various styles and materials.

Absolutely. Our pendants are made from long-lasting materials designed to stand everyday wear and tear.

Yes, we do. For those looking for a complete package, we offer pendant necklaces where the chain and pendant are perfectly matched for you.

Certainly! Pendants make excellent gifts for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. We offer romantic to modern designs, perfect for showing your special someone how much they mean to you.

Absolutely. We've curated a collection of pendants designed specifically for girls.

General tips include keeping the pendant away from harsh chemicals and cleaning it with a soft cloth is enough.

Our artificial pendants are crafted from high-quality materials designed to last. While they are more affordable, there's no compromise on style or durability.

Consider the style of the person who will wear it, the occasion, and the type of chain you'll pair it with. For a more casual look, you might go for a smaller, simpler design, while a big event needs a detailed pattern.

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