Butterfly Pendants

Anisa's Butterfly Pendants are amazing option for you. It's made of prime-quality material that resembles real gold. It's lightweight and durable, making it a long-lasting choice that sparkles like real gold.


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Butterfly Pendant With White Pearl On Unique Silver Chain
Flying Butterfly Pendant With White Pearl

Butterfly Pendants Chain

To complete the pendant, Anisa offers a strong and sleek Butterfly Pendant Chain. You can change its size according to your will. This chain looks like real gold but costs much less. In summary, Anisa's artificial jewellery is both stylish and affordable. The Butterfly Pendant and Chain set provides a simple yet stunning way to improve your style at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Butterfly Pendant is made of rich grade artificial material.

Absolutely. It's lightweight and durable, making it perfect for daily wear or special occasions.

The pendant is designed to keep its shine and appearance for a long time.

Absolutely, the Butterfly Pendant comes with a chain.

It comes in medium chain length and also adjustable.s to more detailed ones. Our collection features various styles to fit different occasions, whether you need something for everyday wear or a special event.

Yes, like the pendant, the chain contains high-quality imitation material.

Yes, many of our designs come with imitation gemstones.

At the moment, we sell them together for your own comfort.

Avoid contact with harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. For cleaning, a gentle wipe with a soft cloth usually suffices.

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