Anisa Nail Extensions

Now you can get longer nails without waiting using nail extensions from Anisa. We not only offer beautiful jewellery but also nail extensions. No worries if you're new to this – these extensions are simple to use with the glue we give you. Just apply some glue on your nails and attach the extensions one by one. That's all!
Combine these nails with Anisa jewellery for a full look. You can do it at home instead of going to a salon. And if you have any problems, our Anisa glue can easily help you fix them. It's really easy.
Nail Extensions Product List

Nail Extensions Product List

Products List
Off-Pink & Cream Gradient Nail Extensions
Funky Orangish-Peach Nail Extensions
Beige-Cream & Colourful Nail Extension
Earthy Boho Mandala Nail Extensions
Checkered & River-Inspired Nail Extensions
Spider Web Nail Extensions: Green & Beige
Dark Glam Golden Twist Nail Extensions
Maroon & Gold Leaf Nail Extensions
Polka-Dot Inspired Peach Nail Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

If your nails break easily or you want to have longer nails for special events, nail extensions are a quick and durable solution.

Nail extensions are considered safe with proper care.

Artificial nail extensions can last up to 2 to 4 weeks with careful handling.

Not at all. Just avoid heavy lifting and maybe wear gloves when cleaning.

It's advisable to avoid painting Anisa’s nail extensions since they already come with their own attractive designs.

Yes, they look just like your natural nails, only better.

To remove nail extensions, soak them in acetone nail polish remover with wrapped cotton balls, wait 15-20 minutes, gently push them off, and moisturize your natural nails afterward.

Absolutely! Nail extensions can complement your Anisa jewellery perfectly, making you look even more stylish.

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