Chain Pendants

Anisa Chain pendants are more than just accessories. They show your style and who you are. Anisa has a collection of chain pendants that are simple and classy. They can make any outfit look nicer, whether it's your everyday clothes or a special occasion.
Anisa's Chain Pendants Collection

Chain Pendants

Product List
Butterfly Pendant With White Pearl On Unique Silver Chain
Red Crystal Heart And Flower Foldable Pendant
Silver Crystal Pendant - Flower And Heart
Silver Dark Blue Evil Eye Pendant
Sun Chakra Evil Eye Pendant
Crystal Evil Eye Necklace
Lavender Star Flower Pendant
Heart Wings Evil Eye Pendant
Heart-Shaped Bottle Pendant
Stylish Flower Key Pendant
Monochrome Couple Heart Pendant
Intersecting Circles Pendant With White Gems With Chain
Royal Blue Dual-Gem Drop Pendant With Chain
Ruby-Like Gemstone Pendant With Golden Bow
Flying Butterfly Pendant With White Pearl
Pendant With White Gem & A Triangle
Circular Crown Pendant With Glam Gem
Golden Maple Leaf Pendant With Pearl
Lovely Flower Of Hearts Golden Necklace
Green Gemstone Golden Leaves Necklace
Hamsa Pendant With White Heart Gem
Sleek Silver Triangle Pendant Necklace
Golden Evil Eye Pendant Necklace
Heart-Shaped Pendant With Golden Chain
Glass Stone Pendant With Golden Chain

Chain Pendant Design

Anisa's chain pendants mix old and new styles. Each pendant shows how much they care about the details and being creative. They get ideas from different cultures, times, and art. This way, they have many designs that fit different tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anisa uses high-quality metal alloys in its chain pendants, ensuring durability while also providing a polished finish.

To maintain its shine and durability, it's best to avoid exposing the pendant to harsh chemicals and clean it with a soft, damp cloth.

Anisa values its customers, which is why they provide both a pendant and a chain as a package.

Anisa's collection includes pendants of various sizes and lengths, catering to diverse styling preferences.

We offer a diverse range of chain pendants, from simple, clean designs to more detailed ones. Our collection features various styles to fit different occasions, whether you need something for everyday wear or a special event.

Absolutely. All chain pendants in this collection come with robust, long-lasting chains.

Yes, many of our designs come with imitation gemstones.

To keep your chain pendant looking like new, avoid contact with water, perfume, or harsh chemicals. A soft cloth works well for cleaning.

Certainly, you have the option to adjust the size by using the clutch and multiple holes on the opposite side.

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